folks, it's festival time... practically a licence to wear cool headgear that maybe feels too silly or contrived in the office. so go girl, find out what suits you and have fun.

this is best tried with a scarf that is not too large, silk is probably the best choice as it can be rolled, doesn't make you sweat like other fabrics and falls easily into place. in the shop i have a small variety to chose from. some of them come with a leaflet how to style the scarves. 

if like me you're past the age to go to festivals we can still experiment with headscarves but it's difficult to get away with the "easteregg" as seen below...

beautiful pic via garance doré

why not try to channel the intrepid intellectual looks of Frida Kahlo or Simone de Beauvoir?

more on that captivating subject tomorrow :-)



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