a good dangle

...never hurt anyone :-)

these grecian blue earrings are made with andalosite, kyanite and aquamarine and are 10cm long.

being somewhat past the prime of youth (like me) shouldn't prevent anyone from having fun with accessories. of course you want to watch out that quality is up to scratch and that you find the right length/width, your own dangling-earing-golden-ratio, so to speak.

but whom am i'm talking to? you ladies have been very favorable to the friday pieces, they're #1 of my jewellery sales! (no party poopers my customers, thank you very much)

it's the moment to come clean with my latest crime: after studying the line sheet very closely for many hours i've placed a new order and... it's already on its way to zurich! i'm so excited to get the new pieces that i'm actually monitoring the shipment: from kahului to honolulu to louisville... delivery is scheduled for next week, so expect to see many new exciting pieces.

enjoy your long week-end!

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