the pain

usually to receive delivery is nice: you unpack and rediscover the pieces you have ordered, sometimes up to 4-6 months earlier...

that's when i think i really like my job.

but there are times when delivery is not much fun, and alas, ceramics certainly spell trouble. in fact, ceramic deliveries make me break out in a cold sweat. 

last week i got 3 big cartons of about 50kg all in all to unpack and i can tell you there definitely were some "funny" noises when i opened them... no wonder when you look at the state of one of the cartons with the contents nearly spilling out.

that's when i think my job is pretty shitty.

anyways, a few days later and the breakages as best as possible dealt with by the supplier, the anguish subsides and now i'm happy with the beautiful pieces that came out of the boxes alive.

so tomorrow it'll be about the pleasure!



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