dear oh dear, i've had way too much food and coffee in the course of this 3 day week-end and now i'm dead tired! what's more, bf and i have decided that we're on ramadan for the rest of the week... in our terms this means: no sugar (with the exception of a tiny bit of sugar for the morning coffee), no wheat flour and no milk (again with the exception of that one morning coffee). i mean, help! 

this decision has actually nothing to do with the wake of this week-end but with the fact that since months i feel rheumatism (first in one forefinger and now in the other one as well). holy cow, it's too early for that!

i've never tried to stick to a diet like this before and i suppose one week is too short to yield a tangible result, but what i do know is that it will positively put my willpower to a hard test. the bets are open: who is going to win, my willpower or my weaker self?
(i'm not sure the outcome is going to be published here :-)).

picture of unknown source in the internet, sorry!



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