21 questions + answers - Adi

Adi, born in Be'er Ya'akov, Israel in 1969, lawyer

starsign: pisces

likes: many things

dislikes: too many things

1. which are the 3 words that describe you best?
pensive, emotional, funny

2. the natural talent you would like to be gifted with?

3. what is your principal defect?
too many

4. which is your morning routine?
baby baby baby

5. do you exercise?
in theory yes

6. which is the trait of character that really attracts you in another person?
witt and depth

7. which is the bad habit you would like to shed?
can i shed more than one?

8. where’s your favorite place to be?

9. what’s your favorite occupation?

10. what drives you in life?
i also ask myself that

11. which is/was your happiest decade so far in life?

12. your thoughts on having children/not having children?
this ship has sailed

13. you would never have guessed that life would turn out to be so…

14.what do you aspire to?
peace of mind

15.which is your most valued possession?
my daughter

16.whom do you dress for?
anyone who will compliment :-)

17.what puts you in a good mood?
nonsense humor

18.getting older is…
not pretty

19.your present state of mind?

20.a motto you would care to live by? festina lente

21.do you believe in luck?
i very much want to